2020 Permaculture Workshops

Laundry to Landscape

Participate in an actual greywater installation linking laundry to landscape, with Avery Ellis of Colorado Greywater. Click link to register.

DATE: March 8th @ 10 am – 4 pm


Introduction to Permaculture

Are you curious about Permaculture, but not sure what it is all about? Join our teaching team for this free introduction class. Learn the basics of how to Design your life and garden for Abundance!

DATE: March 14, 1 – 2:30 PM

LOCATION: Harlequin’s Gardens, Boulder


Permaculture Plants & Guilds

Permaculture gives us a toolkit for designing sustainable, regionally adapted food systems. Join Amy Scanes-Wolfe to learn which food plants thrive in Colorado and how to arrange them in “guilds” to create resilient, edible landscapes in your backyard.

DATE: April 18 @ 1 – 3:30 pm

LOCATION: Harlequins Gardens, Boulder

COST: $20 (register through Harlequin’s Gardens)


Local Water Workshops with Colorado Greywater

Aquaponics from Basics to Farming Denver, CO – Throughout the Year

Natural Building can include many types of projects. Our collaborative network of skilled craftsmen/women offer workshops on topics that range from Passive Design to Strawbale Homes, Earthships to Geodesic Domes, Hempcrete to Earth Plasters.

CommonEarth.Builders is a Front Range network of Natural Builders

Join the project to help Build Earthship Village Colorado Springs

More workshops and opportunities to come…

Are you interested in your role in our transforming culture? Do you want to Design the Invisible Structures of change? Want to create a life with Meaningful Community?

This transformative Social Permaculture Design Course offers an opportunity to empower ourselves and our communities to work together in these challenging times.

Join us at empowering retreats at the Rocky Mountain EcoDharma Retreat Center. Where you can discover your inner activist and live the change you want to see in the world.

Check out the local Events Calendar for all things happening at Boulder.Earth!

Local Action Days with Solutions Voyage

Our neighbors in Denver have a wonderfully organized Denver Permaculture Guild with a variety of events and workshops thoughout the year.

We support local & global Action Days and are happy share some of our favorite Events for Permaculture Action across the Front Range!

Solutions Voyage Is an organization offering resources to educate and inspire harmonious social and ecological practices, to connect people and encourage collaborative movements by cultivating coherent culture. 

Boulder.Earth is a dynamic, grassroots site highlighting Boulder’s robust eco-social-justice community. This website is truly by and for the community—a chance to see our diverse, collective work highlighted in one place, held under one roof. See these organizations all in one place and get involved. Take meaningful action. Find exciting events happening across Boulder. Together we will create a more just, regenerative and resilient future.


Greywater Workshop

DATE: November 21, 2018 10am – 4pm

LOCATION:  Exact address disclosed upon registration

COST: sliding scale – nobody will be turned away!