There is a power when this teaching team gets together. The synergy brings decades of experience into a unique Guild of Permaculture Teachers. Within this group, the cutting edge of each individual’s passions are met by the skills of another. Together they paint a mosaic of interdisciplinary practices and teaching styles that create a holistic course. With the power of Permaculture Design, this teaching team can help you to Elevate your Awareness!

Avery Ellis

Avery Ellis is an Ecological Designer with a whole systems approach to life. Avery was raised in New Jersey, the Garden state, by a master gardener. He has always felt a kinship with nature and the natural processes. He spent the past decade pursuing his passion for sustainability with experience ranging from permaculture design to natural building practices, solar installation to biodynamic farming, ecological waste treatment to communication dynamics and he loves to share his knowledge with the world. He holds a Masters degree in Ecological Design and a Bachelors of Science in Biology. He studied permaculture in India in 2006 and in the Rocky Mountains he has been learning and practicing permaculture since 2010. He has earned several Advanced Permaculture Design Certificates (2012-2014), and obtained his Permaculture Teacher’s Certificate in 2012. Integrating these skills into diverse businesses, he now focuses on designing ecosystems that serve humanity by mimicking natural processes. As an eco-entrepreneur, his business endeavors include: Avery Ecological Design, Colorado Greywater, and Integrated Aquaponics, where he brings science and craftsmanship together in his designs and installations.

Marco Chung-Shu Lam

Marco has been practicing and teaching permaculture and sustainable living skills for over twenty years in diverse climates from the Andes to the Hawaiian islands. Originally trained by the founder of Permaculture, Bill Mollison, Marco’s teaching style moves away from the lecture format and emphasizes getting people’s hands in the Earth. Marco is the founder of the Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic and a renowned acupuncturist and herbalist who grows many of the herbs used in his practice. His vision is a melding of ecological sustainability and nature-based health care where our personal healing and our land stewardship are deeply intertwined.

Marco has been an active creator of new permaculture curriculum for the last twenty years. He pioneered “Permaculture through the Seasons” course with Sandy Cruz and through the 8 month permaculture course planted seeds for a more robust permaculture community. Marco created the permaculture curriculum for the Environmental Studies department at Naropa University in 2006. He is passionate and committed to teaching a new generation of earth stewards and healers to show up with their gifts and presence to help regenerate the relationship between people and the Earth.

Mike Wird

Mike Wird is a permaculture designer, consultant, teacher, artist, and natural builder, who shares his dedication to social and environmental justice through cultural arts and regenerative practices.  Mike has been actively building community for over a decade as a cultural arts ambassador, raising awareness about social, environmental and ecological issues and their solutions in our environments.

In 2011, he received his diploma in Earthship Biotecture, Permaculture Design Certificate.  In 2012, he graduated from the Greater Good Academy, a triple bottom line business school focusing on socially and ecologically responsible business practices. In 2013, he received an advanced permaculture design certificate and completed a permaculture teacher training.  Mike is Co-Founder of Regenerative Lifestyles LLC, an education firm offering services and opportunities in alignment with integrated living systems. He also works at Youth On Record, bringing Hiphop music, art, and inspiration to children of all ages.

Tara Rae Kent

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Tara Rae currently garden-farms on the Front Range of Colorado. She holds an Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate (2013), and obtained her Permaculture Teacher’s Certificate in 2012. She teaches at her home as well as around the state of Colorado for various Permaculture and urban farming classes, schools, and festivals. She has managed several greenhouses, USDA-organic, organic, and permaculture farms with experience in 3 climate zones – cool and wet; cool and dry; and warm and wet. Over the last 15 years, Tara Rae has worked in scientific laboratories for universities, taught water quality monitoring classes, and authored a nature center field guidebook. She holds a Master’s degree in freshwater ecology, and works as an environmental scientist/biologist in the consulting world. Her passion for sustainable living has led her to volunteer for the Sustain Arvada Advisory Board to City Council, making recommendations for sustainable community development and vitality. Besides permaculture and sewing, her interests include traveling, camping, photography, and music. She can be found at her website Tara Rae Designs.

Kate Miller

Kate Miller is a community herbalist & market herb grower. Raised all over the west by earth conscious gardeners & Tibetan buddhist parents, Kate spent every summer outside of the Red Feather Lakes of Colorado exploring wilderness and meditation techniques at Shambhala Mountain Center. Having fallen in love with Colorado over the years, she moved to Boulder in 2004 to study Deep Ecology & Photography at Naropa University. After spending some time exploring art & culture in Europe, she eventually transferred to University of Colorado in Boulder to focus more deeply on the earth science field, specifically Sustainable Agricultural Policies & Ecological Farming. In her last semester she interned and eventually became the Youth Education Manager at Growing Gardens in Boulder, apprenticing under a Biodynamic vegetable grower. Permaculture was always a familiar model growing up, and after graduating from CU Boulder she participated in her first Permaculture Design Course at the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center in Sonoma County, California in 2010. It was there that she encountered her first Permaculture Gardener/Herbalist and was inspired to more directly focus on the field of herbalism to heal from her own health issues, including a recent diagnosis of Chronic Lyme Disease. Kate took her Permaculture Teacher Training in 2013 and became a Certified Herbalist in 2014 from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. She now lives with her husband in Nederland, Colorado where they are building an off-grid home & high altitude herb farm, and is partner in the bioregional & biodynamic focused herbal product company, Dynamic Roots High Altitude Herbals. Kate is opening up her own herbal apothecary & store with a collective of bioregional herbalists and healers called Alpine Botanicals in downtown Nederland, Colorado, with an attached greenhouse & community herbal kitchen, set to open in Fall/Winter 2017.

Brian and Amanda Scott

Brian and Amanda Scott have a passion for Permaculture farming and building community   Together they own 63rd Street Farm, where they support a 150 family CSA with vegetables, fruits, local meats, and so much more…The Boulder Permaculture Design course has worked with this farm for almost a decade as it has transformed into a space of abundance. Amanda and her team of young farmers support a thriving community and show others how to incorporate regenerative systems of agriculture into their home & business. Brian executes beautiful and multi-functional hardscape with his business, Boulder Stonescapes, where he focuses on old world craftsmanship. Amanda and Brian both have Permaculture Design Certificates and work the farm through these methods. They regularly host local events, farm-to-table dinners, and classes in sustainable farming. Together they are able to combine their skills to help develop properties for people who want their own permaculture based landscapes and farms.