After all, the Future of Humanity depends on the youth!

The children’s program, taught parallel to the adult program, will introduce children aged 7-12 to the fundamentals of permaculture design through games, hands-on experiences, and team projects. Each weekend will cover many of the same content areas as the adult program so that families can share their experiences at the end of the day. The children’s program is open to kids whose families are registered for the adult course as well as to the general public. Single-day, single-weekend, and full-course registrations are available.


The children’s program is organized in collaboration with Myra Makes and taught by Myra Makes founder Eliot Kersgaard. Eliot combines his decade-plus of teaching experience with certifications in biomimicry and permaculture to bring a one-of-a-kind custom curriculum to the children’s program centered on empathy, hands-on learning, and games. Direct questions about the children’s program to Eliot at

Payment plans and scholarships are available. Reach out for details.

Enrollment options

Full course, member: $650
Weekend, member: $110
Single day, member: $55

Full course, nonmember: $900
Weekend, nonmember: $150
Single day, nonmember: $55

The program will run from 9-3 each day, with free before and after care from 8:30-6 available to those whose guardians are registered in the adult course.

Members are Boulder PDC current or past students.