2018 Boulder PDC – The 2018 Permaculture Design Course was wonderful! Our students gained experiences that have changed their lives while building resilience in the world. We grounded into ecological patterns at Thorne Ecology Center, and interacted with water harvesting at Hillcrest Homestead. We got our hands dirty and our bellies full at 63rd Street Farm and Ollin Farm with soil building, mushroom logs, and worms. We discussed social patterns and hosted a community building action day at Mapleton Mobile Home Park, where we completed a beautiful cob bench near a playground. We explored the mountains outside of Nederland, where we hunted for medicinal herbs and played with alternative economies. We observed existing farms, orchards, and greenhouses at Eatons Orchard and Golden Hoof Farm. And finally our students presented wonderful designs based on the skills they learned through this whole course. We hope that each of us can find the inspiration to take home these practical solutions to implement in the garden of our lives.