2021 Permaculture Design Course

2-Week Intensive: August 12-24 2021

Join Boulder Permaculture for its 6th annual Permaculture Design Course. In this professional course, which offers more than 100-hours of experiential learning, participants will explore new ideas for creating household resiliency, designs for reducing ecological footprint, and patterns for local economies while having outrageous fun.

High School Level PDC

Cultivate a Resilient Future

Calling High School Juniors and Seniors! Do you have a passion for the environment? For ecology? A curiosity about landscape design? Or human design? Do you like getting your hands dirty? Do you want to learn more about sustainably growing food? Would you like to spend more time in 2021 learning practical, earth-based skills that you can add to your resume and take with you after high school to cultivate a more resilient future? For the first time ever, we are offering a high school level permaculture design course–through the seasons, designed around the school year.


Introductory & Skills Based

Stay tuned for our 2021 workshop and introductory class series! Join former PDC students for introductory courses and to dive into hands-on techniques for building a more resilient future.


Ecological Design Methodologies & Integrated Systems

Growing Food in Small Spaces

Patterns & Invisible Structures

Natural Building Techniques

Aquaculture & Aquaponics Systems

Alternative Economics

Indigenous Knowledge

Raising Animals in Small Systems

Community Building & Appropriate Technologies

Cold Season Growing & Solar Greenhouse Design

Mushroom Cultivation

Water Catchment & Rainwater Harvesting

Food Forest & Companion Planting

Ecological Restoration

Preserving the Harvest

Secrets of Building Healthy Soil

Ecological Waste Management Systems

Urban & Suburban Permaculture