The Across the Divide Permaculture Design Course content will include the internationally accepted curriculum taught around that world that is required to receive a Permaculture Design Certificate. Details about these requirements can be found on PINA’s website


SCHEDULE: The course will be taking place over 7 weekends in 2017 as follows:

Weekend 1: April 15 & 16 – Integral Center, Boulder
Weekend 2: May 20 & 21 – Hillcrest Permaculture Site, Longmont
Weekend 3: June 17 & 18 – Various Farm sites, Boulder
Weekend 4: July 15 & 16 – Alpine Botanicals Permaculture Site, Nederland
Weekend 5: August 19 & 20 – Integral Center, Boulder
Weekend 6: September 16 & 17 – Alpine Botanicals Permaculture Site, Nederland
Weekend 7: October 21 & 22 – Integral Center, Boulder
LOCATIONS: This course will be taught at several permaculture sites across Boulder County. From the Mountains to the Plains, from the City to the Farms. The exact locations for each weekend of the course and will be included with Registration.

What will you learn in this Permaculture Design Course? 

Have a look below to find out.


Permaculture Design Skills

One Community Aquapini Architect copy   photo 1


Permaculture Ethics & Principles             Learning to Grow our own Food


Growing Food in Small Spaces             Natural Building Techniques


Indigenous Knowledge                                                    Community Building

IMG_4490   IMG_3959

Raising Animals

DSC_1366    DSC_1372


Controlled Environment Greenhouses

IMG_3711   IMG_3768

Mushroom Cultivation                                               Ecological Restoration

IMG_2931   IMG_3642

Preserving the Harvest



Building Soils Action Day!
Sheet_Mulching_1   Sheet_Mulching_2

Food Forest & Companion Planting
   Planting_Guild2  Oreck_Orchard3



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